How to Distinguish Web Design and Web Development

If you wonder to know more about Website Design, does it mean that you are looking for a web design professional? Some people make the mistake by thinking that web design and web development is the same task. Is there any difference between them? Generally speaking, web design is concerned with the users that actually sees on their personal computer or mobile device. The web designers bring the digital experience to life through the use of so many things, such as images, color, layout, and typography. Designing a site will require common skills and tools as follows:

– Graphic design
– Logo design
– Layout
– Branding
– and more

So, does wed development also require such those tools and skills? Web development governs all the codes which that makes a website tick. To distinguish web design and web development, you can take a look at what skills and tools used by the web developers. You may be not familiar with HTML, libraries, framework, CSS preprocessors, and Git. Due to the web development involve those skills and tools, web developers are familiar with them. For your additional information, some web designers are also familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Which professional will you hire when you plan to have a professional website? Without both of them, there is no usable web. On the other words, you can’t choose whether web design expert is better to hire than web development professional and vice versa. The basics of web development are different from the basics of designing the web. Those who expertise in developing a website know well what the front end and any kind of work to do. Back end, security and legal/ regulatory issue, and miscellaneous are also the basics to know before doing any web development project. Do you want to learn about both of them?